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Understanding Risk

What happens if Issuer missed payment on the due date?

An Issuer is considered as delinquent the moment the Issuer missed payment(s) for any one of its issued Note(s). FinPAL will pursue for payment rigorously to ensure that such Issuer will not default on its Issued Notes.

In such event, , the Issuer will no longer be allowed to list any new Issued Note(s) until such a time when the Issuer settles all its delinquent note(s) in our P2P Platform. We will contact the Issuer to obtain an explanation and continually send reminders to the Issuer until their Note(s) is/are fully paid. We may also submit the Issuer’s delinquent status to the relevant Credit Bureaus for blacklisting.

At the same time, a penalty interest (calculated on daily basis) will be charged on the delinquent Notes (if the Notes is not settled within the grace period of 7 calendar days from the due date) to compensate Investors.

Throughout the process, we will keep you as an Investor informed and updated on the progress.

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