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How It Works

Eligibility for Investors

We accept individuals (above 21 years old) and corporate investors.

**Subject to our due diligence checks.


Important Notice:
We endeavour to help our investors in managing risks. As with any other type of investment products, investment in Issued Notes place your capital at risks too. You may however spread your risks by investing in multiple Issued Notes

Our automated allocation tool can help you to do this efficiently.

Step 1 : Apply Online

It only takes minutes! Make sure to have these documents ready. Please allow us 2 to 3 Business Days for approval of your application

Step 2 : Fund Your Account

Make a minimum of RM1,000
deposit into your account

Step 3: Start Investing

Set your investment criteria and invest automatically into fractions of Issued Notes. You can also select the Notes manually – it’s up to you

Step 4 : Get Investment Profit

We will return the principal amount invested plus interest back to your Investor Trust Account upon Issuer(s)’ repayment, which you can reinvest in new Issued Notes

Great Returns

You may earn up to 12.6% in annualised returns.

Smart Risk Management

We run rigorous due diligence and credit assessment processes on each prospective Issuer.

No Fees

There are no registration nor processing fees charged to investors.


Start investing from as low as RM100. Spread your funds across multiple opportunities to diversify risk.

Simple online platform

Our easy-to-use online platform allows you to manage your investments from anywhere in the world. Bookmark us on your desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Validated Invoices

All invoices are from FMCG suppliers within the B2B Commerce ecosystem, which have been accepted by the buyers and validated by our system.

Quick access of your money

There is no minimum lock-up period imposed on your funds. You may withdraw or invest excess funds any time.

Ready To Start?