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Understanding Risk

How would my investment be impacted in the event of delinquent / default?

In the event of any delinquent and/or defaulted Issued Note(s), FinPAL may incur costs such as legal fees and collection charges in recovering the Issued Notes amount from the Issuer. These costs if incurred, may be reimbursed and deducted from the recovery amount collected from Issuer should the available reserve fund of the Issuer insufficient to cover such costs.

In such cases, Investor will receive the net recovery amount in accordance to his proportion of investment. In any circumstances, FinPAL will use best endeavour to maximise recoveries from Issuer on behalf of Investors.

Can I register as an Issuer and an Investor simultaneously?

Currently, there is no rule restricting you to register as Issuer and Investor simultaneously. You will be required to open separate accounts for each, using different…

FinPAL March 22, 2018

Is FinPAL regulated?

Yes, FinPal is a Registered Recognised Market Operator, governed under Section 34 of Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 (CMSA) by Securities Commission of Malaysia…

FinPAL March 22, 2018

Are my funds at risk if FinPAL becomes insolvent?

Your investment funds are held on trust on your behalf in a segregated Investor Trust Account which cannot be transferred to FinPAL Accounts. Additionally, FinPAL…

FinPAL March 22, 2018

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