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What documents do I need to supply in order to become an investor?

It depends on whether you are applying as an individual or on behalf of your institution or corporate.

If you are an Individual Investor, please provide a copy of Mykad or Passport if you are not a Malaysian Citizen.

If you are corporate investor, please provide the following documents:

A) Most recent Constitutional Document, including;

  1. Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership or any other reliable references
  2. Latest Form 24/Form Section 78 and Register of Directors/Form 49 as prescribed by the Companies Commission of Malaysia or equivalent documents for Labuan Companies or foreign incorporations, or any other equivalent documents for other type of legal persons for identification of Directors/Shareholders/Partners.
  3. Memorandum/Articles of Association

B) Letter of authority or directors’ resolution, where applicable

C) MyKad for Malaysian/permanent resident or passport for foreigner of the person authorized to represent the company or business

In addition, depending your investment sum and/or Investor Category, additional document / declaration may be required. Our online application form will guide you through the documentation that you will need to provide in order to qualify as an investor and comply with our Anti Money Laundering (“AMLA”) and Know Your Customer (“KYC”) procedures.

Can I register as an Issuer and an Investor simultaneously?

Currently, there is no rule restricting you to register as Issuer and Investor simultaneously. You will be required to open separate accounts for each, using different…

FinPAL March 22, 2018

Is FinPAL regulated?

Yes, FinPal is a Registered Recognised Market Operator, governed under Section 34 of Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 (CMSA) by Securities Commission of Malaysia…

FinPAL March 22, 2018

Are my funds at risk if FinPAL becomes insolvent?

Your investment funds are held on trust on your behalf in a segregated Investor Trust Account which cannot be transferred to FinPAL Accounts. Additionally, FinPAL…

FinPAL March 22, 2018

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