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What are the financing products available for investment?

FinPAL currently offers 2 types of financing products: Invoice Financing and Short Term Working Capital Financing, the key product characteristics of which as below:

Invoice Financing Short Term Working Capital Financing
Target Issuer Mainly SMEs and sole proprietors supplying goods and services to major retailers, with invoices raised through B2BC’s E-Invoicing Platform. Mainly SMEs and sole proprietors and mainly from within B2BC’s ecosystem.May offer to customers outside B2BC’s ecosystem
Financing Tenor 1 month to 4 months Up to 270 days
Collateral / Security No physical collateral No physical collateralCorporate and/or personal guarantees may be required for high value financing and/or risky Issuer/issuance
Repayment Mode Bullet Delayed monthly instalment;For financing up to 120 days (4 months), repayment will be on Bullet basis.

For financing above 120 days, instalment repayment on every 30 days interval, starting from 120th Day. Each repayment tranche represents a Promissory Note under the Financing Request.

SME Financing in Malaysia by B2B Finpal

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Can I register as an Issuer and an Investor simultaneously?

Currently, there is no rule restricting you to register as Issuer and Investor simultaneously. You will be required to open separate accounts for each, using different…

FinPAL March 22, 2018

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