An online marketplace peer-to-peer financing platform (P2P Platform) bridging Malaysian SMEs and Investors together.


Regulated by Securities Commission (SC) Malaysia


Get your fund within 72 hours

  • Our technology-driven engine enable us to disburse funds to you within 72 hours from your loan application.

Quick and easy registration

  • Submit your documents through our protected online P2P platform at anytime

No collateral required

  •  Traditional lenders surprise you with hidden early repayment fees, and rate hikes.

Flexible financing tenure choices

  • Financing tenure from 30 days to 180 days 

Recognised Market Operator by SC Malaysia

  • Adhering the secure guidelines to operate an online P2P Platform in Malaysia

Minimum of only RM1,000 for Invoice Financing and RM50,000 for Working Capital Financing



Short Term

  • Invest in invoices over a short duration of 30 days - 180 days


  • Funds are held in a Trustee Account maintained with a licensed financial instituition

Strict credit screening for Borrowers/Issuers

  • Using Approved Credit Rating agency and our internal credit analytics

Attractive Returns

  • Annualised returns of 11.9%

Withdraw funds

  • Withdraw funds within 3 business days

No service charges or fees

  • FinPAL operates an Interest Sharing Scheme

Only a minimum of RM1,000 to open an investment account



We believe in FinPAL. We also invest alongside you as we assist SME businesses grow.