1. Issuer list Issued Notes on the platform

The approved Issuers upload Issued Notes on to the platform, based on the details of invoices to be funded. Issued Notes details are then validated by our system. We price the Notes based on risk, before we list them on the FinPAL Platform, for you to invest.

2. Select Issued Notes and Invest

Set your investment criteria and invest automatically into fractions of Issued Notes. You can also select the Notes manually - it's up to you.

3. Get your Repayment and enjoy Good Returns

The Issued Notes on the platform will get repaid every 90 days on average. At the time of the repayment we’ll return the principle amount plus interest back to your Investor Trust Account, ready to reinvest.

So, Why wait, Start Now!

1. Apply Online

Complete the online application in just 15 minutes. Click here for the detailed process and documents required.

2. Get Approved

We usually approve Investor’s application in just 2 Business Days.

3. Fund your account and start investing

Deposit to your dedicated Investor Account, with minimum fund size of RM1,000. Now you're ready to start investing.



We accept both individuals (above 21 years old) and corporate investors.

Subject to our due diligence checks.

Important Notice

We endeavour to reduce risks of our investors. However, as with investing in any other type investment products, please note investment in Issued Notes places your capital at risk too. You may however, spread your risks by investing into multiple Issued notes. Our automated allocation tool can help you to do this efficiently.

Understanding the risks



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