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Malaysian-registered company including sole proprietorship and partnership

Minimum RM 1 million revenue per annum

Minimum 2 years in operation

Working Capital Financing

Best for: For peak/festive season funding or expansion

Key Features

  • Financing Amount up to RM1 Million

  • Flexible Tenures from 90 days up to 180 days

  • Receive funds within 72 hours

  • No collateral needed

  • No early payment penalty

Why B2B Finpal?

Registered with Securities Commission

Disbursed RM594.8 million since inception

All funds managed by trustee agency

100% funding success rate

What's next?

Step 1

Step 1

Registration of User Account

Click here to provide us your information and get started! Make sure to have these documents ready. Please allow 2-3 Business Days for us to conduct credit assessment and approve your application.

Step 2

Step 2

Apply Financing

After your registration is completed and approved, you will be able to login to B2B Finpal and submit a request for financing. Approval for financing take as fast as 1 Business Day.

Step 3

Step 3

Receive Funds

B2B Finpal will host the Issue Notes on our platform for investors’ consideration. You may receive funding once campaigns are successfully completed, as early as the next Business Day.

Working Capital Financing

Short Term Working Capital Financing (“STWCF”) is an unsecured (no collateral needed) business financing product for SMEs to fund their business operations for variety of reasons such as inventory purchases, festive season sales, business expansion etc.

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Financing Amount Up to RM1.0 Million, subject always to the available Credit Limit approved for the product
Financing Tenor Up to 180 days, at the discretion of Issuer
Disbursement Disbursement rate is subject to tenure financed (90% for tenure up to 120 days and 87.5% for tenure 150 days & 180 days).

The amount so retained or Reserve Amount will be used for deduction of processing fee, stamp duty, GST (if any), expense reimbursement, interest and penalty interest. The balance of reserve amount if any leftover, will be refunded to Issuer upon full settlement of the final repayment sum.

Repayment Mode For financing up to 120 days (4 months), repayment will be on Bullet basis.

For financing above 120 days, on delayed monthly instalment basis, whereby instalment repayment on every 30 days interval, starting from 120th Day. Each repayment tranche represents a Promissory Note under the Financing Request.

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No asset collateral required.

However, personal guarantee(s) from the director(s) / owners may be required.

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As we keep Reserve Amount upfront on disbursement, all costs and charges (as below) will be paid from the Reserve Amount under normal circumstances.

Processing Fee Up to 2.0% processing fee on Issued Note Amount upon disbursement
Interest Interest rate is ranged from 12.5% p.a. to 18.0% p.a. according to assigned risk grade.
Interest is computed on the principal amount of each repayment installment from disbursement date to the actual repayment date.
Other costs / penalties Issuer may make early repayment for any repayment tranche to save more on the interest. No early repayment penalty will be imposed.
In the event of late repayment, a late penalty interest of 8.0% p.a will be levied on the principal amount of each late installment for every lateness day in the event such repayment installment is not repaid within 7 days grace period.

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