About FinPal

B2B FinPAL is a marketplace that connects Malaysia SMEs which are seeking funding with people and investors who want to invest on a global basis. We are reinventing traditional financing services with our seamless online P2P financing and investment experiences. We support the business needs of Malaysian SMEs through our online financing solutions such as Invoice Financing whilst offering high return investment opportunities to individuals as well as corporate investors. 

B2B FinPAL is a Recognised Market Operator licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia to operate a peer-to-peer financing platform (P2P financing) in Malaysia.

A forward-thinking culture


We do things differently. Challenging traditional financial products to bring a better way for our investors to earn high return investments in Malaysia and issuers to achieve their financing needs.

Data-analytics driven

Our in-house risk management technology, partnered with trusted Credit Bureau, allows us to analyze data to make credit decisions for SMEs

Digital P2P Platform

All our processes are automated on our lending P2P platform