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Micro Financing
Investor Perspective

What would you like to know?

What is Micro Financing?

Micro Financing is a form of non-collateralised working capital financing product that offers immediate cashflow support provided to targeted Malaysian MSMEs, to fund their business operations and growth, with a longer financing tenor of up to 12 months.

What are the terms of this product?

This product represents a special scheme under existing Short Term Working Capital Financing offered in the platform, subject to the following product parameters:

Financing Amount

Up to RM150,000, subject to the available credit limit of the Issuer

Financing / Investment Tenure

12-month period

Repayment Structure

No repayment for first 6 months;

Monthly repayment from month 7 onwards, in the form of principal plus return

How is my return being determined?

Return to Investor is derived from:

Actual interest received* (including late penalty interest, if any) from Issuer
Investors’ interest sharing ratio, currently fixed at 70%


  • Interest is charged to Issuer for the principal sum of each repayment instalment from disbursement date to actual repayment date
  • Same pricing scale per existing Short Term Working Capital Financing, with pricing determined based on risk grading assigned to Issuer

What is my risk of investing in this product?

This product is one of the product offered under “Short Term Working Capital Financing” (“STWCF”) category, through our Platform to eligible targeted Issuers, who are normally micro and small enterprises, with less formal funding accessibility, and who in need of longer funding solution than the more established SMEs. The Issuers however are subject to the same rigorous due diligence and credit assessment process.

Nonetheless, as with any investment products, you risk losing your capital when investing the Issued Notes through the Platform. The risk presents itself when the Issuers are not able to fulfil their financial obligations to the investors; may it be due to their internal management problem, or external circumstances such as changing rules and regulation, business environments, political climate and etc.

In view of this, we remind you to:

  • Read our GENERAL RISK STATEMENT carefully and/or consult your professional advisers to ensure you understand the risk associated
  • Practice good investment habits by investing within your financial means and affordability;

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