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Financing FAQ

What would you like to know?

What is Micro Financing?

Micro Financing is a form of term financing provided to Malaysian MSMEs (“Issuers”) who are in need of immediate funding to fund their purchase and /or operating cost.  These MSMEs are normally have less formal funding accessibility and in need for more longer financing tenure than our normal short term working capital financing (12 months instead of maximum 6 months)

What are the terms of this financing product?

Financing Amount

Up to RM150,000, subject to the available credit limit.

Financing Tenure

12-month period.


Financing will be released the next business day of success funding.

Fund disbursement represents successfully funded amount minus predetermined retention sum (called Reserve Amount).

Repayment Structure
No repayment for first 6 months;

Monthly repayment installment from month 7 onwards.

What is Reserve Amount?

We will keep 14% to 20% reserve amount depends on your risk grade. The reserve amount to be used for deduction of processing fee, stamp duty, expense reimbursement, interest and penalty interest, if any. The balance of reserve amount if any leftover, will be refunded to you upon full settlement of the final repayment sum.

What are the charges do I have to pay?

As we keep Reserve Amount upfront on disbursement, all costs and charges (as below) will be paid from the Reserve Amount.

Processing fee

The processing fee is 3.75% upon disbursement. We won’t charge any fee if you decided to decline our offer.

Interest rate

Interest rate is ranged from 12.5%p.a. to 18.0%p.a. according to assigned risk grade.

Interest is computed on the principal amount of each repayment instalment from disbursement date to the actual repayment date.

No Early Repayment Fee

By repaying early, you will save more on the interest. No early repayment penalty is imposed on early instalment settled.

Late penalties (if any)

A late penalty interest of 8.0% p.a will be levied on the principal amount of each repayment instalment for every lateness day in the event such repayment instalment is not repaid within 7 days grace period.

Is there any collateral?

No asset collateral required.

However, personal guarantee(s) from the director(s) / owners may be required.

How much is the instalment per month?

Under normal circumstances, you just need to repay the equal instalment of principal amount over the month 7 to month 12:

Financing Amount RM 50,000 RM 100,000 RM 150,000
Monthly Installment
Month 1 to Month 6 RM 0 RM 0 RM 0
Month 7 to Month 11 RM 8,300 RM 16,600 RM 24,900
Month 12 RM 8,500 RM 17,000 RM 25,500

The table above is merely an illustration of monthly repayment installment for different financing amount. Issuer may apply amount in RM10,000 multiples from RM50,000 to RM150,000 subject to credit approval.

How shall I apply for the financing?

Get started on the application through B2B Finpal’s Micro Financing website.

  1. Click the “Apply Now” link below this page
  2. Fill out the Registration Form and provide your contact information and details about your business.

Our sales team will then contact you to submit the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Letter of Consent (for credit check)
  • Letter of Authority
  • Constitution Documents and valid business license
  • e. Copy of IC of all beneficiary owners (Owners / partners / directors)
  • Latest 6 month bank statement
  • Latest Management/ Audited Account or Tax Form Borang B

Subject to satisfaction of our due diligence and credit assessment, you may then request the financing through our platform after your account activation

As the existing Issuer in your platform, am I eligible to this financing product?

As long as your account remains activated, and subject to your available credit limit under the “Short Term Working Capital Financing”, you may request for this financing through our platform.

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