Each investment starts as low as RM100, allowing you to spread your fund across multiple opportunities that meet your risk appetite.

Great Return

Grow your money at higher rates than traditional investments. Investing with FinPAL can earn you an annualized return up to 11.9%.

Smart risk management

We run rigorous due diligence and credit assessment processes on each prospective Issuer. Our credit assessment takes into account all risk scoring considerations from trusted Credit Bureau, and complimented by our in-house analytics, thereby providing a rounded evaluation for your informed decisions.

No Registration Fee

No registration fee for you to register as an Investor in FinPAL Financing Platform.

Quick access of your money

There is no minimum investment lock-up period. Maintain a liquid portfolio and withdraw undeployed funds at any time.

Simple online platform

Our easy to use online platform lets you manage your investments from wherever you are in the world – from your desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Validated Invoices

All invoices are validated by our system and are primarily from the FMCG industry